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Healthy Corners Halifax County


ABC2 currently has 6 young people from the Halifax County Area who are doing research on the food deserts in their respective communities, identifying produce farmers, grocery & corner stores, possible farm stand locations, and identifying other partners to move this project forward. ABC2 will host a Community Event for young people ages (15-19) an evening of talent, inspiration, and giveaways. Also, ABC2 will host a Legislative Event on Saturday, September 12, 2015 1pm – 3pm, hopefully, at the Town Hall 109 Washington Avenue Weldon, NC.


What will ABC2 do:

 Advocate for local policy, system or environmental change that support healthy food access.

 Partner with appropriate community members and organizations to plan and implement the project.

 Participate in local and statewide media campaign via social media to increase awareness of food insecurity and lack of access.

 Host a community based/legislative event, including local and state officials, event to educate others about Food Access/Healthy Corner Stores.

 Identify and engage key local/state policy makers and invite them to the event.


Potential Partners: Local Municipalities, RV-CHI, SEHC, HCPHS, Jermonicos, The Hen & The Hog Restaurant, RV Chamber, HCC, Tourism, Partners in Faith, Kapstone, and others to be identified.


Youth Team: Empress Robinson, Traveante Ruffin, Tyrone Simmons, Rekita Hill, Dawnte Newell, and Danae Ellis. Chester B. Williams, Executive Director

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